Proper Aeration Keeps Pond Maintenance Low

Still water is never a healthy environment. It attracts mosquitos and other insects. Algae, bacteria, and mold accumulate along the edges and just under the surface. There is not enough oxygen to maintain any plant life, and debris collects at the bottom and on the surface. Maintaining a still pond requires a great deal of time, expense, and effort that takes all the enjoyment out of having a pond on the property.

Get Water Moving

The right size aeration equipment is cost-effective, easy to install, and requires very little maintenance. There are also many styles and features from which to choose. Buying online will keep the cost down and allow owners the opportunity to select among diffused aeration systems, windmill aeration kits, solar systems, and surface aerators that create high oxygen displays. Sizes range from a pond that is as small as one-sixteenth of an acre to ponds four-acres in size.

Small koi and garden pond aerators are offered as well. Fountains can also be used as aerators in a pond. This provides a few more choices, such as decorative fountains that are strong enough to act as an aerator, large lake fountains, and light kits that add a splash of color. Statuary fountains are ideal in yards or commercial spaces too small to add a pond.


Aerator accessories include extra tubing, compressors, manifolds, diffusers, and cabinets. Fishpond accessories offered are pond dye, beneficial bacteria, deicers, and additives for algae and weed control. Once the aerators, any accessories needed, and additives to fish ponds are all in place, maintenance is only periodic. Property owners will need to check to make sure the water pressure is stable. A loss of pressure can indicate clogged tubing, debris in the pump, a leak, or a loose connection somewhere along the system.

Help Getting Everything Needed

Finding an established, one-stop website is wise for those unfamiliar with ponds, aeration, and maintenance. Staff members provide selection assistance via telephone, live chat, or email. Questions can be answered, recommendations made, and owners will have the chance to learn more about how to enjoy a pond that is virtually maintenance-free.